Fin – February 2018

February 27, 2018 By

Fin – tracked by Yogi

Fin  a 7 year old Yellow Labrador had recently been rehomed to a lovely couple who dearly loved him and it was unfortunate that Fin was spooked by two over playful dogs while on a walk.

With only one sighting after three days I took Yogi to track and while on our way we heard about another possible sighting and so had a starting point. Yogi was onto it straight away keeping his nose down for quite some distance and showing us just how fit Fin was as well because where Fin was unable to get round or under gates, Yogi indicated he had gone over and was desperate to do likewise.

However there was one gate that Yogi did not want to go through and it was a gate that led out onto a lane – he did however want to go into a back garden but with a sign saying – Beware loose big dogs, we decided not a wise move despite there being no one at home. A poster was however later delivered to the house. It turned out that the owners had been away and so in fact the garden was empty and quiet.

We then went out onto the lane much to Yogi’s disgust – he did however pick it up again later on and eventually ended up back in the woods where he had originally run from. This being where I always believed Fin would return to.

After checking out the first sighting we were able to pretty much put together Fin’s loop. Having advised the owners to keep going back to the car park to sit and wait – they did just this and it was only soon after they left last night that they had a call from a lady who lived in a house opposite the car park to say that their security light came on and when they looked out they saw Fin trotting across their drive.

The owners arrived very soon after and as they approached the car park with only sidelights turned on they saw Fin and with a whistle and a few relevant words – Fin bundled towards Tina for one very happy reunion.


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Bandit – January 2018

January 31, 2018 By

Bandit 1

Bandit a sweet little Staffie/Frenchie cross was spooked while with dog walkers last Tuesday and bolted in Mote Park a huge dog walking/country park. He still had his lead attached. There were a number of sightings but no specific points to track from.
On Thursday I offered to help and with Tiga and Yogi defining the loop but in general Bandit was staying very much in a close area.
Even a nasty dog bite (requiring a trip to A & E) in the search for Bandit was not going to stop me searching for Bandit
We were in the Park from 6 am each morning in the hope of securing him before the park got too busy and then again in the evening determined to find the little man – we were gutted to see head torches there before us scouring the under growth and yesterday we had no sightings.
But on our way back to the park tonight we had a call to say that someone heard something in the dense undergrowth and when they threw treats in they thought they were being eaten. The area was where we were concentrating our search and so it seemed feasible.
We rounded up a group of helpers to circle the undergrowth to watch for any bolting as we knew that Bandit would not bark or give any indication he was in there. We guessed in that dense bramble his lead would be caught and we had no choice but to go in.
Keith the owner was shredded to bits but right in the middle was Bandit.
Once brought out to safety he was happy to play with his toys and skip and play back to the car and jump in the boot – seemingly none the worse for wear – just a little thinner.
Keith – I am sure it was worth turning back from watching Millwall and Derby!
Well done everyone – great team effort

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Coco July 2017

August 20, 2017 By

Coco 2 Reunited 1Coco 2 Reunited 3


Coco – July 2017 – tracked by Yogi

Coco a Chi/Yorkie cross escaped on the 8th June and gave everyone a good run around for 8 weeks but it wasn’t until the last 3 weeks that I was able to help.

Firstly Tiga went out to track on 3 occasions and posters went up where he tracked and we got more sightings on his loops but Coco was moving fast and covering some miles.
So many people knew about Coco but he was too quick for everyone. The last time Tiga tracked we actually saw Coco within moments of us starting to track but he was on the other side of a busy road and we had to let him go on his travels as it was too dangerous to take action.
Over the last 8 weeks there had been sightings and so many people had been helping and hoping for a happy reunion but today there was a call of Coco being in an allotment in Dover and so I jumped in the van this time with Yogi and off we went to the allotment and met Zoe the owner again. Yogi got the scent and off he went and within less than a minute Yogi and I were staring Coco in his eyes. He was in a poly tunnel on top of the onions – we quickly shut the doors at the front but weren’t quick enough to shut the back doors and Yogi confirmed he had escaped but Yogi was still on his trail. There was then another sighting ahead of Yogi but Yogi was starting to pick up previous days scent, as we soon learnt that Coco had been in the allotment for a number of days.
It was time to chill as we were confident that Coco could not escape the huge allotment as Janet was manning the main gate and Yogi had not found any other way out.
It was about 2 hours later and while I was now carrying Yogi as we had leant there was rat poision in some places of the allotment and I had to protect Yogi from it, that Yogi was suddenly very determined to get out of my arms and down on the ground – so I put him down and he was off with nose to the ground up a very grassy plot and through some fruit trees and round and back – Ges then pointed to a place some 20 feet ahead of Yogi’s nose – we stopped and watched keeping our eyes on the spot.
I called Zoe on the phone and gave her instructions to walk slowly towards us and sit down – we remained on the phone while I advised her on what to do. I asked her to sit down with her back to a shed and let Princess off the lead. I continued to give advice until I said down the phone ‘What is Princess playing with?’ Zoe turned her head to see Coco jump in her arms.
Well Coco we eventually got you home before the family wedding tomorrow but looking at these photos I think the wedding should be for Coco & Princess.
Well done everyone in the local communities that all played a part to get Coco home eventually!
Great to meet you Ges from Paw – Helping Dogs in need you have finally seen both Tiga & Yogi track.
Now I know that not only can Tiga ground scent and air scent but Yogi – you have proved you can air scent as well!

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Hazel & Bertie April 2017

June 7, 2017 By

Tiga in police car

Hazel & Bertie – April 2017 – tracked by Tiga

Hazel left home with her little poodle cross Bertie for their daily walk on Minchinhampton Common but did not return home that day as usual.

A huge nationwide search was carried out involving the Police both on the ground on horseback and overhead, SARA, Fire & Rescue, the family and many members of the public. There were no sightings of either Hazel or her dog and we got a call by the police to see if we could track Bertie as it was expected that they would be together.

We arrived late afternoon and set off with a police constable accompanying myself and Tiga from the house where they had started their walk.

Tiga immediately took us through the back gate and out through a gate out of the small development and onto the footpath. We went down a small lane behind the house and onto a track and after a short while Tiga looked a bit confused but after a few moments decided to back track and picked up another route going back towards the other side of the development and out onto the road. After a while we were on a main road with helicopter above us and we were clearly heading away from the direction of the Common. We relayed a message back to the services to look out for a dog and the lady separately because it was clear that the two had not done this route together. We went for 3 or 4 miles and to the next town when the constable I was with got a call to say there had been a sighting of a lone black dog. By the time we got the location of this sighting Tiga had actually taken us to the park where this sighting was only two hours before. It was highly feasible that this could have been Bertie as we had been told that Bertie had a habit of running off although not far.  While tracking along the road we met a cyclist who told us that his childminder met the two on the Common every day while walking her dog – but she had not met them the morning of the disappearance.

It was now very late and all services had stood down calling it a night and so we did too.

The next morning the search was due to continue but an early morning dog walker stumbled across Hazel and Bertie huddled together in some woods and they were both safe and well and reunited with the family by the Police soon after.

The location that Hazel and Bertie was found was only 0.8 miles from home but down the track that Tiga first took us on before he got confused and turned back and I believe that it was this point that the two parted company and Tiga continued with his task of tracking Bertie. I also believe that Bertie continued on his loop which also led back via the Common to the same place and I believe that it was here that Bertie found Hazel and they stayed huddled together until found.  When the Police arrive at the scene Hazel spoke about nothing else but her lost dog!

This is my version of what I believe happened and in my mind why else would Tiga track from the house to the sighting of a lone black dog but who knows and the most important thing is that both Hazel & Bertie were safely found and soon back with the family.

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Maya February 2017

June 7, 2017 By

Maya Reunited


Maya – February – tracked by Yogi

Maya came from a good stock of racing whippets and knew how to run! She was with her owners who were away from home on a course. The morning walk was the start of an adventure for Maya as she set off on her own course and three days later was still running.

I got a call to help and I took Yogi knowing that he can track at a fair pace and just keep going. We started at where there had been the last sighting thirty six hours before but Yogi didn’t want to go in the direction that Maya was seen to go. Yogi wanted to go in the opposite direction and as she had been seen in that direction before, we went with Yogi.

Yogi’s nose was down with no hesitation and he took us to all the previous sightings and in order until we arrived back at a main road and Yogi wanted to turn right again away from where it was believed she would go. Yogi went on and on and on in a huge loop to the next village, across fields and eventually Yogi started to head back in a continuation of the loop towards where Maya had first run from. We were on a track and as we approached a road Yogi wanted to turn right but after some 20 miles the owner could go no further and her partner took over. Yogi took us back to the large garden where the course was being held and took us to a cosy corner where there was a bed of leaves moulded to Mayas size. On we went back through the gardens and down the long drive of the country residence, out onto the road turning right and arriving back on the road where Yogi had wanted to turn right.

We were all tired and hungry and called it a night but the next day we had a call of a sighting of Maya in the garden just 200 yards further on from where we stopped.

The day continued with many more sightings in the field where Yogi had tracked to the day before and it wasn’t long before Maya was cornered in a chicken farm at the edge of the field.

I am not sure who had more stamina Maya or Yogi!

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Hetty – January 2017

January 13, 2017 By

Hetty Reunited

Hetty – January 2016 – tracked by Yogi

Hetty – you certainly gave us a run around after running off chasing a rabbit on Sunday. It was Yogi’s turn to come and find you.
After getting a sighting on Monday morning things were looking good and Yogi immediately picked up on the scent and the fun began. Yogi took us along bridle ways and onto roads into fields and back out through hedges and into woods – back onto a road down another bridleway and on and and on to a golf course – despite the rain and torrents of water rushing down the roads – Yogi didn’t give up – although we thought he had. Eventually we called it a night – soaked and laden with mud.
On returning home we heard of two more sightings both of which tied up with Yogi’s adventure!
Today was another day and no sooner were we on our way back to pick up from where we left off we got news of another sighting and eventually we got the facts and location and put Yogi in the drive of the house. Yogi went through the garden and out through the back – through brambles and onto the Cuckoo Trail – left we went. Yogi was on a hot scent but…….. we got news of another possible sighting and it seemed it was after this one. With much investigation and 2 hours wasted it turned out to be a neighbours dog, so we put Yogi back to where we left off but he was bored and not interested as we had pulled him off.
We then had news of yet another red herring and wasted time but eventually we had a call that was good news.
Hetty was in someone’s garden – we were on our way – the garden was huge and Hetty was not wanting to be caught by the owner of the house who did everything right and sat quietly just watching her until we arrived.
Giving Hetty’s owner advice on how to encourage Hetty to her – I watched from a distance whispering as we went along and after some 15 minutes Hetty got up and trotted along to owner with wagging tail.
If we had continued with Yogi along the Cuckoo trail in the first place to the road and turned left we would have been a few houses away from the garden!
Apart from being very stinky – Hetty was in great condition after her adventure

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The ‘Pup’ with no name – December 2016

January 13, 2017 By

Italian Greyhound


The ‘Pup’ with no name – December 2016

So this morning I was asked to help with a 17 week Italian Greyhound on its way to a forever home in Scotland from Wales.
The pup ‘with no name yet’ was travel sick and owner stopped at service station in the Midlands to clean her up – but she bolted with lead and collar attached!
Before I left we heard of a sighting at 9.30 p.m. last night and after deciding it was in a safe place with familiar surroundings to the pup, instead of tracking it was a case of putting a plan in place to catch her.
I quickly found out about the breed and after seeing an offer from an Italian Greyhound Rescue to take 2 calm IG’s to the farm, I contacted lovely Jo who was happy to go to the farm.
We asked everyone to stand back and insisted that a trap was not set but to allow the fellow breed to encourage her to them.
Within a short while of Jo arriving and hearing of another sighting at the farm – Jo walked around the farm and heard a whine in a building. She put one of her 2 IG’s in the building through a small hole and the pup came out with her. Very happy to be caught. Jo’s words were ‘Oh Magic!’
Unbeknown to everyone I had already advised that the owner started his journey back to the service station from Scotland as despite him only being with the pup for only a couple of hours it was more than anyone else and he arrived minutes after pup was caught!
Pup has now continued on her way to her forever home with two other IG’s waiting for her.

She has happily settled in and has been called Magic!

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Buddy – December 2016

December 26, 2016 By



Buddy – December 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Who needs a guard dog when you have got Buddy the Beagle looking after the Christmas presents!
Buddy was asleep downstairs, baby asleep upstairs, mum upstairs wrapping presents and dad was out.
At close to midnight mum came down to a noise and disturbed an intruder that had broken in through a downstairs window. Mum was confronted and the intruder picked up a kitchen knife – but Buddy the beagle sprung into action and chased the intruder out and off down the road, on and on barking.
Police were soon on the scene and drone brought into action but no sign of Buddy or intruder.
I was tagged to help in the morning and off we went with Tiga.
Tiga was soon off on a strong scent ( I wont say the route – as CCTV will be checked along this route as it is believed Buddy was chasing intruder).
We soon got to a point where we later learnt of a sighting of Buddy 20 minutes after incident which ties in with the time taken to do Tiga’s route.
Tiga continued but lost the scent – there were many areas where the leaves had been swept/blown by street cleaners which made it very difficult.
Not long after calling it a day – we got several sightings in the area Tiga had tracked.
After giving owners advice of how to guide Buddy home, I was now confident that Buddy would also have the confidence to wander back home.
Who needs a guard dog when you have got Buddy the Beagle looking after the Christmas presents!
Buddy was asleep downstairs, baby asleep upstairs, mum upstairs wrapping presents and dad was out.
At close to midnight mum came down to a noise and disturbed an intruder that had broken in through a downstairs window. Mum was confronted and the intruder picked up a kitchen knife – but Buddy the beagle sprung into action and chased the intruder out and off down the road, on and on barking.
Police were soon on the scene and drone brought into action but no sign of Buddy or intruder.
I was tagged to help in the morning and off we went with Tiga.
Tiga was soon off on a strong scent ( I wont say the route – as CCTV will be checked along this route as it is believed Buddy was chasing intruder).
We soon got to a point where we later learnt of a sighting of Buddy 20 minutes after incident which ties in with the time taken to do Tiga’s route.
Tiga continued but lost the scent – there were many areas where the leaves had been swept/blown by street cleaners which made it very difficult.
Not long after calling it a day – we got several sightings in the area Tiga had tracked.
After giving owners advice of how to guide Buddy home, I was now confident that Buddy would also have the confidence to wander back home.

  • I had a ping on my phone at 3.30 in the morning – HE IS HOME!!!
  • He was quite scared, tired and hungry.
  • What a hero beagle you are Buddy!


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Libby – September 2016

October 19, 2016 By



Libby – September 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Libby was a young retriever collie cross that had recently been rehomed after spending the first few months in a shed. She was just going to be taken for a walk with owners other Labrador. Both dogs were on the lead as they were coming out of the front door when Libby got spooked and bolted with the extending lead attached. She had been missing for three days and no sightings before Tiga was called out to track.

Tiga picked up the scent in the opposite direction to which she was believed to have travelled. We ended up on the busy A21 where Tiga was on a very strong scent which was quite scary with the fast traffic but at this point there was no stopping Tiga. Half way along this road Tiga crossed over to the other side and continued along the A21. At the top we branched off into a trading estate and dropped down into some woods and along a footpath following a stream. We came up out of the woods to a McDonalds where we stopped for a well earned rest and portion of chips and Tiga enjoyed some well deserved cuddles from the manager.

Soon after we carried on around a car sales yard and dropped steeply down a bank into some more woods and along a footpath eventually crossing over the stream by a bridge and up into a small housing development and up back onto a busy road where we called it a day after eight hours of tracking. It was  now the rush hour and Tiga was finding it hard to find the scent with all the diesel fumes.

On returning home and looking at google maps I could see the natural direction from the way Tiga was going and where the owners lived, that the obvious course for Libby to travel from where we left off was through some woods, out onto the A21, crossing it and down a farm track which backed onto woods at the back of houses where Libby lived.

A few days later and no sightings there were reports of barking in the woods by the farm! The barking was heard again the next night and again in the morning. So I knew exactly where this was and put on some old clothes and left Tiga at home as the terrain was quite steep and very dense, to go and join the search!

After a walk round the area with no luck, we stopped for a coffee and then I was determined to search until I found Libby, so we returned again to the area with a couple who had also heard the barking. I persuaded the team party to carry on searching that area as I was convinced Libby was caught up by her lead and it also tied up with being across the other side of the A21 and down the farm track to the farm.

The team split but I knew where I was going and I struck lucky – up the steep bank again and in the dense hedgerow on the edge of the farm – there she was. After seeing that there was no way she was going to move as she was well and truly caught up I called back to the owners to say I had found her and I carried on up to comfort her.

Chris the son was first to arrive and managed with great difficulty to release her – she had a stick caught in her collar but otherwise seemed ok. After freeing her we had to cut our way through the hedge to the farm and took it in turns to carry her to safety.

She was soon in the car and off to the vets for a check up and a  number of ticks removed.


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Teal – September 2016

October 19, 2016 By

Teal – September 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Teal and her daughter were black Labradors that were being looked after by friends in the owners home while on holiday.

Unfortunately Teal and her daughter got out and went on an adventure and were both seen soon after on the railway tracks a mile or two from home.  A relative was soon on the scene as a train had hooted and the daughter returned to the whistle but no sign of Teal. A couple of days later Tiga was called in to help find Teal and he started from alongside the railway. He picked up scent along the field which was adjacent to the tracks and went down into a copse which is where the daughter had been seen to come so presumably where they had gone before going onto the tracks.

Sadly no other scent was found and after much perseverance to Railtrack – the local workers on the line confirmed that Teal’s body was on the tracks. So sad.

Run free Teal and rest in peace.

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Winnie – September 2016

October 19, 2016 By

Winnie – September 2016  –  tracked by Tiga

Winnie was a young working cocker spaniel that had  his 10m training line attached while in a training session in some woods.  Unfortunately the smell of deer was too much for Winnie and off he went on a mission.  Two days later Winnie was still ‘lost’ so Tiga was called in to find him.

We went to the point where Winnie was last seen and Tiga picked up the scent and headed down to a wide stream, across it and up the other side to a fence that Winnie clearly could not have got through. Tiga continued along the fence line and then back down to the water and across to the previous side where we continued. Tiga was still on a mission and he carried on nose to ground along the tracks through the woods turning right across a bridge and up towards a barn. As we walked along this track we heard a bark – we stopped and listened and then heard another noise which the owners said was definitely Winnie. We tried to make our way towards where the noise had come but the barking had stopped.

Tiga got stung and was unable to continue so I had to carry him back to the van and off to the vet. As I came out of the vet I had a call to say the barking was Winnie and she was where Tiga was heading but the lead was well and truly tangled. She was soon freed and carried to safety.

Well done the helpers who fought the jungle!


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Martha – August 2016

September 12, 2016 By



Martha – August 2016

Martha is an elderly terrier cross that was being walked on lead by her elderly owner on a footpath across a field. Soon after the owner was trampled on by a herd of cows and it was later found out that there had also been a bull and calves in the field as well despite no warning signs either end of the footpath.

The owner suffered broken ribs and severe head injury and was believed to have laid unconscious for half an hour before getting up and somehow getting himself across the field and eventually to a road where he was picked up by a passing motorist and taken to hospital.

Martha where was she – there was no sign and she had her lead still on her. Had she survived or had she too been trampled on?

There was no sign of her body so we had to assume she had got away.

I could do no more than advise until I was able to get up to the north east to track but fortunately the owners and neighbour were prepared to listen and take advice.

I explained it was so important to try and find out where the owner had been picked up on road side and after he had been discharged from hospital, he was able to be driven around and slowly they managed to piece together the exact spot he was picked up.

This is where Martha would have also made her way to if she were able and would have stayed close to here and returning regularly.

I also gave advice on where from here that Martha would have travelled and sure enough, a week later I had a call from the neighbor who had been helping to say that I was spot on and Martha was found in a barn just down the road from where the elderly owner had been rescued.

Martha was fine just a little slimmer and still had her lead on.

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Pepper – June 2016

August 11, 2016 By

Pepper – June 2016 – tracked by Yogi

Its surprising how many miles you can walk and still be within a mile of home as the crow flies! Yogi tracked Pepper a beagle 30 miles over two days but all very close to familiar ground to her. On one occasion we tracked past home but Pepper carried on. Yogi also tracked down to the military canal where she was walked and went to the owners fathers house but he had moved a week before. Yogi then tracked all the way back home and this is when she carried on past the front door. Yogi tracked all the sightings in order and even a military BBQ didn’t attract her to scavenge afterwards due to heavy rain.
It was now time to change tactics and sure enough at 3 this morning she scratched at the front door of home, was let in and she ran round soaking wet and acted as if nothing had happened. She was dried down and off she went to bed!
Welcome home Pepper!

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Dorrice – June 2016

August 11, 2016 By


Dorrice – June 2016 – tracked by Yogi

Dorrice had been newly rehomed to a lovely couple but when they let her out for a late night wee, they had not realised just how small a hole she could escape from and escape she did.

It was Yogi’s turn to practice his skills.

Yogi – you marched us from the new forever home of Dorrice a miniature Dacshund today and to the industrial estate In Shoreham by sea. You took us round almost every unit including the pie factory and never gave up even when Dorrice could get through the fence and you couldn’t. Behind the bike shed, ignored the food bowl for the cats, visited all the ‘smokers’ shelters, listened at the dog hotel, sniffed in a canteen and was intent to check out the dust carts. After going back to owners house to fetch our vehicles with a view to sitting and watching this industrial estate, we got a call to say Dorrice had just been spotted on the industrial estate and we knew exactly where. We raced back and by the time we got there Dorrice had been caught.
Dorrice you looked so frightened but soon after a vet check and arriving back home you soon wagged your tail and couldn’t stop!
Enjoy your new life with wonderful owners that are sure to spoil you!

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Poppy – August 2016

August 11, 2016 By

Poppy – August 2016

I was just about to go out to walk a rescue beagle called Poppy for an owner who had broken her arm when I got tagged to give advice for another Poppy beagle that went missing on Monday with no sightings since.
I told the owner to stop all the things she was doing and gave different advice and keep me posted.
Off I went to walk Poppy and after an hour I got a call from owner of missing Poppy to say she had done exactly what I said and Poppy trotted back home.
I happily walked Poppy back home knowing both Poppy beagles were back with their owners.
The Guinness tastes good tonight!

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Sally – August 2016

August 9, 2016 By

Sally down hole


Sally – August 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Poor Sally a 17 year old cross breed with bad eyesight and almost deaf and suffering with dementia was being walked in Ashdown Forest. She had a little walk then went back in her buggy. She then decided she wanted to get out – so get out she did. The owners mooched along with her no more than a few yards behind.

They turned round and she was gone. Thirty six hours later we were called out to help as there was no sight or sound of her despite an extensive search.

Tiga got little scent from her clean blanket and off we went with the daughter of the owner. Tiga seemed to be on a track but the daughter was doubtful Sally will have gone so far. Tiga was on a jolly when a herd of deer passed under his nose and he decided to bay at full pelt in a deafening tone.

We pulled Tiga back and started from the beginning again and after a sniff of the blanket used by all four dogs, Tiga was on a new direction but again it was believed to be too far for Sally to go.

Sally clearly had other ideas because a family member had heard a single bark in the direction Tiga was going on both occasions and another bark led him to where Sally was stuck down a hole in very dense ferns on a ‘bog’

The baying of Tiga earlier had clearly been heard by Sally causing her to bark to alert us to where she was.

After retrieving Sally from the hole and carrying her to safety and back into her buggy, she was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health and back home for a very much needed bath.


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Tony – July 2016

July 25, 2016 By

Tony – July 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Tony 3

Tony a huge St Bernard weighing in at 102kgs! was on a regular and familiar walk in woodland close to home with all his buddies. Nearing the end of his walk, all his mates filed back to the van and it was soon realised that Tony was not amongst them. Where was he – how can you lose such a hug dog? But the owners had!

After many hours of searching – nothing.

It was time for Tiga to search and so we attempted a huge task to match Tony’s size! We arrived at the owners house to be met with a ‘large number ‘ of dogs that all shared the same bedding, toys, blankets – you name it they shared it. Unfazed Tiga took a sniff of the area where they roamed and the possible scrapings of fluff from Tony.

Off we set to the point where Tony had vanished – Tiga sniffed around and sat down and looked at me as if to say – nothing here. It was only about 100 metres from where the van was parked at the end of the walk but nothing. If only dogs could talk. Tiga eventually took a different short cut to the car park but on the opposite corner and the scent stopped.

We then took Tiga to where there had been reports of Tony on a busy dual carriageway. Here Tiga picked up scent and confirmed it was Tony but we had no idea how he got there as we struggled to get there on foot. Tiga tracked along a quiet lane and onto an old road with a number of businesses. We continued to a roundabout and crossed over to a regular market ground where there would have been food for a scavenger. Here the heavens opened and we called it a day.

The next day the owners had a call to say that Tony had just mooched past their office into the yard of their business in the old road that Tiga had tracked the day before. He was coaxed with water and an apple pie until owners arrived within a few minutes.

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Teddy – May 2016

May 11, 2016 By


Teddy – May 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Teddy a young Goldenoodle was enjoying a walk in a big forest with his family and was spooked by a big Golden Retriever running at him and off he went Saturday morning. There were a few sightings soon after but he was running scared. The last sighting was the next morning and then nothing.

Tiga was asked to help and off we went. We started at the forest where he had last been seen and to much horror of the owners Tiga tracked across a very busy dual carriageway that took us fifteen minutes to cross and on into another forest that then led into the very busy town of Bracknell.

Teddy had only been walked in the forest about six times and always driven there from his home some 7kms away and on the other side of Bracknell.

We followed Tiga who appeared to be taking the scavenging lost dog mode but into the town we went and it appeared we were heading in the direction of home, so we alerted other members of the family that were home to keep a look out. We decided to turn back and from where we were and continue back to the forest as it seemed Teddy could either have headed towards home or back to the forest and as home was covered we chose the forest.

No sign back at the forest but soon after the owners returned home they had a call to say that Teddy had been seen in the road outside the forest and then again later. Owners returned but again nothing.

I returned with Tiga the next day and we started from the last sightings which Tiga confirmed and then crossed the road back to the car park of the forest but not to the main car park where owners had parked. We carried on following Tiga’s nose who then led us out onto the road and over a big footbridge across another very busy road and back into Bracknell – again the same scavenging lost dog mode was evident and we got to a point where we checked our bearings and we were close to where we had been the day before. It was now getting late again and close to the time that Teddy tended to be back at the forest, so we then decided to return to the forest and sit it out.

I left the owners sitting waiting and at about 10 p.m. they got the call to say that Teddy had been seen in the forest but bolted. The owners searched for two more hours but nothing and so returned back home.

Unbelievably at 5.00 a.m they were woken with a whining and scratching at the front door – it was Teddy! He had amazingly found his way home from the forest in torrential rain some 7kms from the forest and across a busy town he didn’t know!

What a pity we didn’t continue with Tiga on the two occasions we turned back to the forest !

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Bella – April 2016

April 22, 2016 By

bella beagle 1 reunited

Bella – April 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Bella a beagle was put in a horsebox with his greyhound buddy Cy at the beginning of a journey, when they arrived – there was no sign of Bella and the jockey door of the horsebox was open!

Somewhere between start and finish Bella had jumped or fallen out. There were 3 possible sightings within an hour but two were later found to be a Labrador.

Four days later despite an arm in plaster and unable to drive I just had to go and help. So I was driven down to meet the owners and Tiga was given the bedding shared by Bella and Cy and we decided to start where the third possible sighting was.

Tiga started to track but instead of turning right down a lane he carried straight on along a lane which was a footpath. We carried on until we came to a gate which we could see no way Bella would get through or under. We spoke to the owner of the house by this gate and they gave us the phone number of the person who spotted Bella but with no signal we carried on with Tiga.

Tiga wanted to go into this garden and down towards a slow trickle of fresh water and then back up to the lane and back in the direction we had come to where we started. This time we turned left and kept going until we came to a farm but again there was no way Bella could get through the gate.

We managed to get hold of the sighter and was told that the people in this farm had possibly seen Harry but we didn’t get to speak to them, so again we carried on with Tiga. Most of the lane had secure stock fencing and so there were not many places Bella could have ventured off it but Tiga had pulled us up a drive to a holiday cottage and towards a copse full of bluebells……..and there was Bella lying in the sunshine in the bluebells watching us!

Bella was safely put on a lead and I went off to find a signal to get transport to pick us up and get Bella to the vet. After a visit to the vet Bella had suffered just some very sore paws.

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Snoopy – March 2016

April 1, 2016 By

Snoopy – March 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Two years ago Tiga tracked and found a beagle called Teddy and we have remained good friends since. Yesterday we were in Gloucestershire tracking two missing dogs when I got a message from the owner of Teddy to say that Teddy’s brother Snoopy had chased a deer on a walk and had not returned. Snoopy belonged to some other friends of Teddy who were frantic to find him.

As it happened the place I was tracking the two dogs was less than ten miles away and so when I had done as much as I could to help with the two dogs I took Tiga to track Snoopy despite many miles already having being covered.

As we arrived there had been a possible sighting but Tiga couldn’t pick up the exact location which wasn’t clear from the passing cyclist, so we decided to start from scratch at the point Snoopy chased the deer.

Tiga tracked from the owners parked car and headed off into the woods taking the exact route that had been walked earlier. Tiga missed a right turn up a bank which is where Snoopy was seen to chase the deer , possibly the strong smell of the wild garlic was overpowering. So we led Tiga up the bank where he soon picked up the scent again. On and on we went following an animal track through the woods and across a stream and up onto a track. Tiga carried on along the track and after a while we came out on the road where the possible sighting by the cyclist was. No sooner were we waiting for Tiga to decide the next direction we had a call from a family member saying Snoopy had just bolted past them. We were quickly on the way hardly half a mile down the road but he had again vanished. It was now dark and there was no sign of Snoopy so we were just going to put Tiga back on the trail when we heard that Snoopy had jumped in the car belonging to the owners brother.

Snoopy was very happy to see his owners, his brother and Tiga and looked none the worse for his adventures of the day.

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