February 18, 2019

Bailey tracked by Tiga & Yogi

Tiga and Yogi have been out tracking for 9 hours today and Bailey the papillion has just been reunited!
I am now home from our few days away on holiday (lol) – what a happy ending to it!
We had been away camping on a campsite and we saw at reception a poster for a lost dog and I was told the owners were on the campsite. In fact they were just two pitches from us. Bailey their 9 year old Papillion vanished on a walk up on top of Brean Downs.
Having spoken to the owners we offered to go and track this morning we left the campsite at 6.30 a.m. Tiga and Yogi tracked for 9 hours and during that time confirmed that Bailey had not gone over the cliff and had not gone back down the very steep steps they had all gone up on. First Tiga and later Yogi both came down a gravel track at the far end of the Downs that had not been searched – this led down to the café next to the car park where we had parked the cars.
Yogi continued a loop along the road and eventually turned along a path leading back to the beach and along the beach back to where the car had been parked on the beach when Bailey first went missing. Yogi tracked a number of ways that were likened to what Bailey would have done. After 9 hours we called it a day, confident that Bailey had come down off the top safely.
The owners were planning to return the following day with a plan – little did they know that this would be sooner than later. No sooner had they returned to their campsite they got a call to say that Bailey was at the café and had been safely picked up and given some food while the owners were quickly on their way back.
Apart from being very dirty and tired Bailey is one very lucky dog – apparently in 33 years it is believed that he is the only dog to have safely survived being lost on top of the downs.
What a week it has been – a holiday to remember!

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