August 11, 2016

Pepper – June 2016 – tracked by Yogi

Its surprising how many miles you can walk and still be within a mile of home as the crow flies! Yogi tracked Pepper a beagle 30 miles over two days but all very close to familiar ground to her. On one occasion we tracked past home but Pepper carried on. Yogi also tracked down to the military canal where she was walked and went to the owners fathers house but he had moved a week before. Yogi then tracked all the way back home and this is when she carried on past the front door. Yogi tracked all the sightings in order and even a military BBQ didn’t attract her to scavenge afterwards due to heavy rain.
It was now time to change tactics and sure enough at 3 this morning she scratched at the front door of home, was let in and she ran round soaking wet and acted as if nothing had happened. She was dried down and off she went to bed!
Welcome home Pepper!

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