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Coco September 2015

Coco – September 2015 – tracked by Tiga Coco a six year old Grizzly Border Terrier that loved to chase foxes and decided that while off lead on a walk she would do just that. Twenty four hours later there was

Ricky Reunited

Ricky – June 2015

  Ricky – June 2015 Ricky a world class Sheltie show dog was being transported from Ireland to a show in Spain and had just travelled through Eurotunnel to Calais when he was let out for a wee and slipped

Alice reunited

Alice – May 2015

Alice – May 2015 – tracked by Tiga Alice a very timid beagle escaped from doggy day care and was on the run. There were a few sightings in the area but she was moving around very fast. Being a