Conkers Reunited 2

Conkers – July 2014

  Conkers was a 4 year old beagle that was visiting family with the owners, when he had his first ever epileptic fit and bolted from the garden scared. He was spotted a short while after running along the railway

Fudge Reunited

Fudge – Reunited – June 2014

Fudge was a beagle that managed to escape the garden and then there were reports of being hit by a car the same evening and then there were no more sightings. Two days later I arrived with Tiga in very


Beanie – June 2014

  Beanie was a black Scottish Terrier that had followed its 2 playmates through a hole in the garden fence and had been missing for a few days now. Her two playmates had been picked up later the same night