October 19, 2016

Winnie – September 2016  –  tracked by Tiga

Winnie was a young working cocker spaniel that had  his 10m training line attached while in a training session in some woods.  Unfortunately the smell of deer was too much for Winnie and off he went on a mission.  Two days later Winnie was still ‘lost’ so Tiga was called in to find him.

We went to the point where Winnie was last seen and Tiga picked up the scent and headed down to a wide stream, across it and up the other side to a fence that Winnie clearly could not have got through. Tiga continued along the fence line and then back down to the water and across to the previous side where we continued. Tiga was still on a mission and he carried on nose to ground along the tracks through the woods turning right across a bridge and up towards a barn. As we walked along this track we heard a bark – we stopped and listened and then heard another noise which the owners said was definitely Winnie. We tried to make our way towards where the noise had come but the barking had stopped.

Tiga got stung and was unable to continue so I had to carry him back to the van and off to the vet. As I came out of the vet I had a call to say the barking was Winnie and she was where Tiga was heading but the lead was well and truly tangled. She was soon freed and carried to safety.

Well done the helpers who fought the jungle!


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