February 18, 2019

Having decided to grab a few days down time for us and the boys – we went away camping.
While away I was asked to help with a dog called Tink – missing from Tunbridge Wells.
We were out on a walk and saw a Dog Lost poster for a dog called Tink! It was a different Tink – a Chihuahua that had gone missing a week before.
The reason we were down in the Glastonbury area was that I was going to visit my niece and my new Great Niece that I had not met.
Yesterday we had almost arrived in Shepton Mallet at my nieces house and saw a little dog trotting off down the road – was it a cat, no it was definitely a dog – now legging it fast down the middle of a road. No owner in sight.
I stopped the camper and got out with a bag of treats and managed to catch the dog.
We then arrived at my nieces house carrying a dog!
I had a vague idea that this might be Tink and took to the vet to be scanned.
After a lot of exchange of photos etc Happy Landings and the dog warden confirmed it was Tink and owner came to collect today.
A case of being in the right place at the right time!

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