Thanking you all for your efforts and specifically Jenny and Yogi K9 trackers who were 100% accurate in their tracking and gave us a very good idea of Fin’s whereabouts and behaviour, when combining what was gained from that with the sightings. Thank you all for keeping an eye out for Fin, because it was crucial to get another sighting which we could get to quickly, particularly at night when he was more likely to stay in the area. Whilst we knew he was coming back to the woods, in the end it was a matter of timing and of course Wendy’s phone call re sighting did give us that. Thank you also for SpringerMad being out Sunday liaising with Jenny and everyone looking and putting up posters and spreading the word. We have one famous happy Labrador back home now. Too happy for words xx


Thank you so much Jenny, Tiga and Yogi for helping me get Coco home!!

This is such an amazing feeling of relief and joy and one of the best feelings in the world.

You are all 3 of you stars and have helped to get Coco where he belongs tonight. Safe, warm, clean and fed and snuggled in his own bed.
All that walking was bloody worth it. Tiga certainly has a lot of stamina!!
Thank you again xx


I would especially like to thank Jenny k9tracker whose advice had poppy home within the hour after not been seen for two days. Xxx


Jenny THANK YOU!!! You and Tiga are absolute stars.

JENNY and TIGA THANK YOU so so much for coming out to help us find Sally when we felt so utterly desperate.


Jenny is such a fantastic person and great inspiration! As for Tiga, well, what an amazing, focused and hard working little doggie!!


A big thank you to all who helped with the search for our lovely boy bacon! He is now safely home where he belongs and is on the mend although still very tired and hungry! A huge thank you to all at lost and found south glos and also PAW. A special thank you to Jenny for all your advice and support which ultimately led bacon home! Thank you all! X


Home now safe and sound! What a traumatic few hours I thought I was never going to see him again!! Thanks everyone and especially Jenny Tiga Brown we wouldn’t of found him if it wasn’t for your advise!


We would not have found Bruno without your help! Can’t thank you enough! You and Tiga are the best!


Jenny and Tiga, it is impossible to thank you both sufficiently; your abilities are incredible and we would recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in the same awful situation of losing a much loved pet.

Without any doubt at all it was the combined effort of Jenny and Tiga ( that convinced us that Leo was within a mile or so of home – this after a fifteen mile loop of the area which Tiga followed last Friday,27th.


What a truly amazing pairing you are and thank you so so much for helping me find my little fur baby, Coco! I know it wasn’t easy for Tiga but if he hadn’t stopped when he did we would never have heard that little muffled noise to start with. I had looked round those woods so many times and just thought she couldn’t be there!


We cannot express how grateful we all are for your determined efforts to find Maisie, what an amazing and incredible pair you both are. We will be eternally grateful.


You never cease to amaze us Jenny & Tiga


Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen friends and people I have never met who gave up their time and to Jenny & Yogi  who searched for Harriet today tracking her movement and finally pinpointing her in a field almost dragging Jenny through a hedge determined to get to her I am indebted to you all.


I would like to say a very, very special and heartfelt Thank you to Jenny and Tiga who were as instrumental in Max’s recovery as The News were.

I would once again thank Jenny and Tiga  (especially Tiga with that fantastic Beagle nose of his, because it’s thanks to him, we have been reunited with our Maxie).


Hi Jenny hope you are well, thinking of you today. It’s two years today since you helped us find Hugo. Had a fab year with him he’s so lovely. Thanks once again for all your help, lots of love Melanie and Hugo


This is a heartfelt thank you to Jenny and Tiga for helping us find Ula, what a remarkable tracker dog and wonderful lady, can’t believe the miles she walk at a speed, we had to take it in shifts to keep up, once again thank you.


 Jenny and Tiga, this is the first time I’ve seen you guys in action. It has been
the biggest honour and privilege to have met you both. Thank you for working so
hard to find Conkers. You are most special.

Tiga you are totally fantastic – well done to you and your mum.

Thank you so very much to everyone and special thanks to Jenny and Tiga

You’re a little star Tiga

Well done Jenny & Tiga and everyone else involved – Jenny big hug from Smudge from Tetbury

Well done Jenny & Tiga another amazing result

Another triumph for Jenny & Tiga

Jenny & Tiga you have to be the most amazing, clever, compassionate duo I have ever had the privilege of meeting. It has been an honour spending time with you. Tiga you rock my world you very very beautiful boy.



A special thank you to Jenny & Tiga, without their help we wouldn’t have found him.

Wow,  what a relief, well done Jenny & Tiga yet again a success story. You are both brilliant.

Fantastic news! Well done Jenny & Tiga – you’re both amazing x

Huge thanks again to the awesome team Jenny and Tiga, you guys are brilliant.

Another fabulous Tiga result.


Well done Jenny & Tiga, what an incredible team.

Well done everyone involved, especially Jenny & Tiga…. what a clever boy to find Dasher.

What a fantastic team Jenny & Tiga are.

Such a lucky boy, Tiga is a star.


We would like to especially thank Jenny and her tracking dog Tiga whose ability to track and find another dog was fantastic and very impressive.


I shall never be able to thank you enough, you were stars.

Never having needed a tracker dog before , I was truly amazed at the way you both worked, I have total admiration for you and the work you do.


I can’t find enough words to tell you all how truly AMAZING Jenny and Tiga are.

Amazing! Well done to all involved especially Tiga!

Jenny & Tiga lead us straight over to the South side and we all stood there not believing Lauren would travel so far of course with a missing dog expect the unexpected.

Wanted to add a massive thank you to Jenny & Tiga who lead us straight to Lauren even with all the petrol and diesel around, none of us believed Tiga as there was no way Lauren would have travelled that far or over the motorway but guess what he took us to 2 fields from where she was caught before we turned him away as everyone agreed he was on the wrong trail.


 We searched for Teddy for two days in the wrong place!

Then you and Tiga arrived and within two hours Teddy was found. He was injured, frightened and hiding and had been unwell before he went missing so had lost lots of weight, if you had not come and tracked I have no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t have my happy little chap with me now.

I’m forever in yours and Tiga’s debt.

“Thank you again Tiga and Jenny, words can not describe how happy we are to have Teddy home.. what you do is amazing, he wouldn’t be snuggled on the couch now with him mummy and daddy dog if it wasn’t for you both. xxx”

Well done Tiga & Jenny for reuniting Teddy with his family. You really are true heroes.

Thanks so much for finding Teddy Tiga – you’re a wonderful dog


We cannot thank Tiga and Jenny enough. After being missing for 5 days the superstar that Tiga is tracked my young gsd down a very dark country lane resulting in me hanging out the window with food for a dog that was so scared she didn’t recognise me. Without Tiga I have no doubt she would never have been caught. I owe them everything. Tiga is worth his weight in gold and I can never thank them enough.

Thank you & Tiga for finding Lexi – you have a very special Beagle.


“Tiga must be a natural for tracking – excellent work” (Julie)


“Jenny & Tiga have been absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank them enough. Jenny really held us together when we were completely falling apart and I cannot recommend Tiga highly enough. He is an absolute superstar and gave me so many cuddles when completely devastated.”

“Well done JB and especially Tiga for putting everyone onto the right trail to where she was found.”

“A MASSIVE thank you goes out to Jenny and Tiga for finding Buddy, they were brilliant and Tiga was AMAZING” (loz83)

“I was tempted to say we could get a local tracker dog out……but when you said it was pouring down with rain…….felt I could not raise your hopes. REST IS HISTORY……Jenny and Tiga went out……RESULT…….SO PROUD OF THEM” (Jayne)

“Another success for Jenny & Tiga” (Nikki)

“I am so pleased! Well done Jenny & Tiga. This has made my year! Crying with joy too!” (Lisar)

“Well done Tiga – a dog in a million” (sallybee)

“The owner must be so happy. Maisie would surely have died without Tiga”

“I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your marvelous Beagle Tiga for finding Maisie, I know that she owes her life to you both.”

A million congratulations to Jenny Brown with Tiga for finding the lost Cairn in Suffolk. Why DO these retractable leads continue to be used? They are so risky and this is yet another example. If Jenny wants to explore our
amazing county further, it would be an honour for me and my family to have her to stay with us on the Suffolk coast. Clearly no freeloader she!

I am the Secretary for the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund R.C. No. 803599,
Maggie Machin gave me your details. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your marvelous Beagle Tiga for finding Maisie, I know that she owes her life to you both

“We would like to thank you for all your hard work and help with finding Lexi. This happy ending would not have been possible without you both. Tiga is an amazing dog. WELL DONE!!!”

“We cannot thank Jenny & Tiga enough for everything they have done to help get Lexi back to her owner safe, a very very special thanks to Jenny & Tiga xxx (S Davis)”

“Tiga is just amazing and placed us in the right location yesterday.”

“A special thanks must go to Kent Greyhound Rescue and to jenny and the amazing Tiga, without them we would never have got him.”

“Well done JB and gorgeous Tiga and everyone involved”


“Also many thanks to Jenny & Tiga who helped with tracking Millie the day before, tiga was definitely on the right track and would have found her had he been able to go through a fenced field to which they were told by a gardener there was no way in, dear tiga knew there was if only he could talk too, what an amazing dog and owner.”

“Thank you so much everyone and especially  K9 Ttracker for all your help. (Lurcher SOS)”

“More great work by Jenny & Tiga”
“Nice ending – well done Tiga you are getting a bit of a reputation!”

“What a nose Tiga has”

“Tiga is amazing.”

“the magnificent JB & Tiga strike again”

Louis & Billy
“Also want to say thanks so much to Jenny & Tiga – Tiga took us to that area yesterday and although and although he came to a dead end, he was definitely onto something!”