February 18, 2019

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Alfie tracked by Tiga and then Yogi


Alfie a local terrier cross went missing after bolting out of the front door as someone entered – it wasn’t long before I was being tagged on fb to help and then had a request to help.
It wasn’t until last night that I managed to go – but I decided to go wthout Tiga and Yogi as there had just been a sighting and Alfie ran away from a person and a dog he knew well, so we didnt want either of mine to spook him more.
Sadly we called it a night with no further sign of him and came back at 6 the next morning with Tiga.
Tiga picked up the scent from the sighting last night and took us out of the park and to a housing estate closeby and went to the exact house that he had been seen in the garden of the morning before. From here Tiga took us on a route and again to a road he had been seen in a number of times so it looked like he could be retracing his steps back home. Before we could continue – we got a call to say that there was a sighting of Alf – so we managed to get ourselves to that sighting and again Tiga picked up the scent but he was very slow and we decided it was time to bring the speed merchant in and we swapped Tiga for Yogi – but no sooner did we get Yogi on the task and we got a very frantic call to say that Alfie was running scared on a busy main road dodging motorbikes on way to Brands Hatch.

Again we had to get a lift to this sighting and while on the way the owner realised the route he was doing from where we had left off and so we tried to get ahead of him. Alfie had found his way to the area he normally walks and to the daughters school, only to find by the time we got there in an area he knew well and was regularly walked there and in fact Alfie found his own dog walking buddy – moments later – Alfie just jumped into his ‘Nan’s’ car as if his taxi had just turned up to take him home!
A quick call was made to his dad to let his son know that Alfie had been found safe and well moments before Oliver was due to play goalie in a local junior football match.
Not often does a goalie give a big cheer before the match has even started and to make it a perfect day – his team won 3-1.
Tears of sheer fear moments before were turned to tears of joy as Alfie was safely back in owners arms.
Lucky Yogi didnt know what all the fuss was about as he was brought in to take over from Tiga and soon after he was sharing treats with Alfie!

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