August 11, 2016


Dorrice – June 2016 – tracked by Yogi

Dorrice had been newly rehomed to a lovely couple but when they let her out for a late night wee, they had not realised just how small a hole she could escape from and escape she did.

It was Yogi’s turn to practice his skills.

Yogi – you marched us from the new forever home of Dorrice a miniature Dacshund today and to the industrial estate In Shoreham by sea. You took us round almost every unit including the pie factory and never gave up even when Dorrice could get through the fence and you couldn’t. Behind the bike shed, ignored the food bowl for the cats, visited all the ‘smokers’ shelters, listened at the dog hotel, sniffed in a canteen and was intent to check out the dust carts. After going back to owners house to fetch our vehicles with a view to sitting and watching this industrial estate, we got a call to say Dorrice had just been spotted on the industrial estate and we knew exactly where. We raced back and by the time we got there Dorrice had been caught.
Dorrice you looked so frightened but soon after a vet check and arriving back home you soon wagged your tail and couldn’t stop!
Enjoy your new life with wonderful owners that are sure to spoil you!

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