April 1, 2016

Snoopy – March 2016 – tracked by Tiga

Two years ago Tiga tracked and found a beagle called Teddy and we have remained good friends since. Yesterday we were in Gloucestershire tracking two missing dogs when I got a message from the owner of Teddy to say that Teddy’s brother Snoopy had chased a deer on a walk and had not returned. Snoopy belonged to some other friends of Teddy who were frantic to find him.

As it happened the place I was tracking the two dogs was less than ten miles away and so when I had done as much as I could to help with the two dogs I took Tiga to track Snoopy despite many miles already having being covered.

As we arrived there had been a possible sighting but Tiga couldn’t pick up the exact location which wasn’t clear from the passing cyclist, so we decided to start from scratch at the point Snoopy chased the deer.

Tiga tracked from the owners parked car and headed off into the woods taking the exact route that had been walked earlier. Tiga missed a right turn up a bank which is where Snoopy was seen to chase the deer , possibly the strong smell of the wild garlic was overpowering. So we led Tiga up the bank where he soon picked up the scent again. On and on we went following an animal track through the woods and across a stream and up onto a track. Tiga carried on along the track and after a while we came out on the road where the possible sighting by the cyclist was. No sooner were we waiting for Tiga to decide the next direction we had a call from a family member saying Snoopy had just bolted past them. We were quickly on the way hardly half a mile down the road but he had again vanished. It was now dark and there was no sign of Snoopy so we were just going to put Tiga back on the trail when we heard that Snoopy had jumped in the car belonging to the owners brother.

Snoopy was very happy to see his owners, his brother and Tiga and looked none the worse for his adventures of the day.

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