April 1, 2016

Roxy – March 2016 – tracked by Yogi

Roxy, a Lakeland Terrier was on his usual walk around the grounds of the farm with his owner and buddy dog when he just vanished on Saturday morning. On Wednesday I went down with Yogi and we set off from the house and Yogi immediately had his nose down out of the garden and across the farm fields with many young lambs quite curious and playful – Yogi wasn’t sure what to make of them but stuck to his task and it was confirmed that Yogi was spot on with the route he was taking compared to the route that was taken on the morning Roxy disappeared.

We eventually got to a copse alongside a shallow river with steep banks and a few entrances to a badger sett. The bramble was too dense for Yogi to track through and so I had a hunt around but found nothing. We then allowed Yogi to carry on and we followed the line of the river into a much bigger area of woodland only a few hundred yards from where we first started. There were clearly a much greater number of entrances to a badger sett and one hole in particular Yogi sniffed down and then made a noise I had never heard him make before. I moved Yogi on further but he showed no interest in any of the other entrances, so I moved him back to this particular one and again he made the strange noise. Clearly this hole was of interest to Yogi but we were unable to do anything as badger setts are protected.

I advised the owner to come back with their other dog, which they did in the morning and within moments Roxy was at their feet – muddy, hungry and thirsty but otherwise ok.

I just wonder what Yogi shouted down the hole!

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