August 19, 2015

Alice reunited

Alice – May 2015 – tracked by Tiga

Alice a very timid beagle escaped from doggy day care and was on the run. There were a few sightings in the area but she was moving around very fast.

Being a beagle, I was soon on my way with Tiga who soon picked up the scent from the field used by the doggy day care. Tiga started well as he was soon at the first sighting and onto the next, eventually completing a full circle and taking in all the sightings before coming back to the field. So it seemed that Alice would eventually be caught back here.

There were a number of sightings in a nearby residential area and in particular an alleyway where she was spotted and in the gardens of the two houses at either end of the alleyway. We then had more sightings in various places around Tiga’s loop but Alice was always one step ahead. No sooner did Tiga pick up the scent and we had news of more sightings but still on the loop, so it was time to stop and sit and wait but without success.

We returned again to track and started back at the doggy day care where Tiga picked up fresh scent until we had news of a sighting of a beagle with a red collar but out of the ‘loop’ but by the time we got there we found out that it was not Alice but a boy beagle that had just gone missing but quickly recaught. So again we returned to the day care to hear that she had just been seen in the woods alongside the field. I had asked the owner to leave his taxi in the car park by the field and to leave the door open. In his rush he didn’t leave the door open but only the windows as we quickly got Tiga onto the scent and clearly Tiga was on a mission. The owner decided to go back to his cab to open the door leaving Tiga on Alice’s trail and as we turned a corner out of the woods onto the track to the cab we could hear tears and screams of delight and as we looked at the cab there was Alice in her owners arms. She didn’t need the cab door open as she had leapt in through the open window and sat demanding a taxi ride home!

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